Cervical Cancer Screening (Pap smear) for Adachi Ward residents

We offer cervical cancer screening for Adachi Ward residents.
If you are 20 years old or older, cervical cancer can be detected at an early stage by having a cervical cancer screening once every two years. If you have never had one before, please take advantage of this opportunity.

When making an appointment online, please beware the following
● If you wish to do cervical cancer screening only

    ➡ Adachi Ward Cervical Cancer Screening(足立区子宮頚がん検診 (about 5 minutes)
● If you wish to discuss other issues such as menstrual cramps, etc.

  ➡ The first visit of gynecological consultation (婦人科初診)(about 15 minutes) 

If you make an appointment with "the first visit of gynecological consultation",   we offer you a cancer screening in Adachi Ward on the same day if you bring your ticket with you.

Target (age at the end of February 2021)
Women 20 years of age or older who have not been seen in the previous year (once every two years)
Cervical cancer patients undergoing treatment or follow-up are not eligible for this program.

Those aged 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70 years old who have not been examined in the previous year and those who have been examined in the previous two years will be sent a ticket by the ward.


500 yen for those with a medical examination ticket. If you wish to have the results mailed to you, we will charge you 200 yen (+tax) for envelope stamps.

Uterine cancer test (endometrial cytology) 5,700 yen (+tax)
Transvaginal ultrasound 5,300 yen (+tax) is available for an additional fee if requested.

Adachi Ward Office, Health Promotion Division, Data Health Promotion Department, Health Examination Section
Phone number: 03-3880-5121


Click to go to the Adachi Ward  Cancer Screening website


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