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Prenatal diagnosis

When I became pregnant, I wondered, "Will my baby be normal? Will she grow up to be normal in childbirth? What if I find out anything abnormal with my baby after birth?"

I think many people are concerned about this. These feelings come up naturally when you are pregnant and we think it is a very understandable feeling.

We would like to understand the feelings of our patients and answer them as much as possible. We also have the utmost respect for your personal values and will support you in your various choices in pregnancy as much as possible.

However, no matter how advanced medical science is, it is impossible to know everything about the baby in your belly. It is impossible to predict everything about your child's infinite potential for growth and development from birth in the fetal period.

Our director is a clinical geneticist who has been involved in fetal ultrasound, prenatal diagnosis and genetic counseling. While working at FMC Tokyo Clinic, she became certified to measure NT (Nuchal Translucency), which is the swelling in the back of the fetal neck (licensed by the Fetal Medicine Foundation to calculate the risk of chromosomal abnormalities from the first trimester of pregnancy). She has treated many pregnant women through screening, ultrasonography, and chromosome testing.

What kind of anxiety do you have? To what extent does having the test relieve that anxiety? Which of the various prenatal tests is better? How much can the test reveal about the fetus? We understand that you may have many concerns.
Please make an appointment for genetic counseling at our clinic first.

We welcome patients from outside of our pregnancy checkup.  In order to make an appointment well in advance, please make an appointment for genetic counseling by 9 weeks before your due date is confirmed. Appointments can be made by phone only.

Genetic counseling is a process where we work together to understand your current situation, what choices you should make in the future, and whether or not you should be tested in your first place. Our professional staff will support you in this process. The final decision is up to you and your partner, but whatever your choice, we will be there for you, respecting your values and supporting you as much as possible.

If you want to know about prenatal diagnosis, are worried about advanced mother`s age, are worried about chromosomal abnormalities, or are worried about your baby's diseases, please make an appointment for genetic counseling.

(30-45 minutes 5,000-7,500 yen.  The cost varies depending on the time you talked.)

Tests available here are,

first trimester screening, combined test (ultrasound and serum markers), second trimester serum markers (Quatro test),  second trimester anomaly scan.

Pregnancy checkup with us or your clinic. We will follow up with you if necessary

If a chromosomal test or a more specialized test is required, we will refer you to other medical institutions.

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