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Pregnancy checkup & semi-open system

If you wish to have a pregnancy checkup at our clinic, please bring the following items with you each time.

(2, 3, 4 are only for those who have it)

  1. Health insurance card

  2. Maternity health record book and subsidy tickets

  3. Referral letter and test results

  4. Notebook for semi-open system

Although the Kusunoki Ladies Clinic Kitasenju does not handle deliveries, we do provide prenatal checkups for patients who use the semi-open system or who deliver at a distant hospital (so-called return home deliveries).

●When using the semi-open system

Kusunoki Ladies Clinic Kitasenju does not handle deliveries or hospitalization, but we do offer prenatal checkups in cooperation with facilities that can deliver babies. This is called a "semi-open system," in which we collaborate with the hospital where the baby is to be delivered, and the regular checkup is done at our clinic, while the baby is delivered at the partner hospital. The "semi-open system" was created based on the idea that antenatal checkups can be done at a nearby clinic that is convenient to visit, while deliveries can be done at a well-equipped delivery facility. In case of emergencies, such as nighttime or holidays, consultations can be conducted at affiliated facilities.


The following 6 hospitals are affiliated with the semi-open system.

(Click to go to the link)
Tokyo Riverside Hospital
Nippon Medical School Hospital
The University of Tokyo Hospital
Juntendo University Hospital
Tokyo Medical and Dental University Hospital
Japanese Red Cross Tokyo Katsushika Perinatal Center

●Delivery at a distant hospital (so-called return home delivery)
If the hospital where you plan to give birth is outside the red frame in the chart below, you can receive antenatal care here until 32 weeks. We recommend that you check with the hospital where you plan to deliver your baby beforehand about the timing of your homecoming. During the period of checkup at our hospital, we will collaborate with a facility that can provide nighttime and holiday services as well as those who are semi-open.

●Delivery at a nearby hospital (other than semi-open)
If the hospital where you are planning to deliver is within the red frame in the diagram below, and you do not use the semi-open system, we do not provide checkups at this clinic. We recommend continuous antenatal checkups at the hospital where you plan to deliver from the initial stage of pregnancy until delivery.


● Frequency of pregnancy checkups
Early pregnancy to 10 weeks of pregnancy:  every two weeks
11 weeks to 23 weeks of pregnancy: every 4 weeks
24 weeks to 32 weeks of pregnancy: every two weeks

33 weeks and beyond: checkup is done at facilities you plan to deliver
The number of visits may vary depending on the pregnancy course.

Click the table for English version.


The above schedule may change depending on the timing of your visit at our clinic and the pregnancy course. See the price list for costs.

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