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At-home infusion for pregnant women with morning sickness

Kusunoki Ladies Clinic Kitasenju provides at-home infusion treatment for pregnant women with morning sickness.  Morning sickness is experienced by most pregnant women in the early stages of pregnancy. Symptoms range from a slight loss of appetite to a complete inability to take fluids or food by mouth. Morning sickness improves spontaneously as the pregnancy weeks progress, so you basically have to wait until you recover. In the meantime, to prevent it from getting worse and causing you to dehydrate, the hospital or clinic will administer fluids, intravenous vitamins, and an anti-nausea drip.

There are currently two ways to provide intravenous infusions;
(1) Outpatient infusion: Patients go back home after receiving an infusion at the clinic where they are visiting. If the condition worsens, the patient can return to the clinic for another infusion.
(2) Inpatient infusion: You are hospitalized and given an infusion until you are able to eat (from one week to one month in some cases).

However, there are many people who find it inconvenient to go to the clinic for morning sickness and hospitalization is not an option for them. Therefore, we offer following  service
(3) At-home infusion: A visiting nurse visits the patient's home to provide an intravenous infusion under the direction of a physician.

Here are some comments we have received from our patients
"I want an intravenous infusion, but it is hard for me to go to clinic by myself."
"My clinic is too far away, so it's hard for me to go."
"My family is too busy to take me to the clinic"
"I would like to be hospitalized if I could, but I have older children and an elderly family member, so hospitalization is not an option."
"I am worried about COVID-19 infection, so I don't want to stay in the hospital as much as possible."


On the patient's expense cost, the outpatient infusion is the cheapest (approximately 1,000 yen per visit), but the body burden (hospital visit burden) is the greatest. 

In contrast, hospitalized infusion is the easiest for patients to bear, but the most expensive option (approximately 10,000 yen per day).
At-home infusion is considered to be a style taking the best of both.

Patient`s expense may change depending on the hospital, insurance and high-cost medical care benefit system.


●The flow of the at-home infusion service (see the diagram above)
① The patient contacts us to request at-home infusion.
     (The patient may be requested to visit us for a checkup.)
② The clinic sends an order to Home-Visit Nurse Station.
③ The patient contracts with the Home-Visit Nurse Station for the visit.
     After the contract is completed, the at-home infusion will start.
④ The patient pays the fees to us and the Home-Visit Nurse Station.

●Eligible patients: Patients who is currently visiting us for pregnancy.
If not currently visiting us, please consult with us as needed.


●Areas covered:

Adachi Ward, Arakawa Ward, Katsushika Ward, Taito Ward,
Soka City Koshigaya City Misato City Yashio City 
Matsudo City Kashiwa City Nagareyama City
For other areas, please consult with us.
(Depending on the schedule of Home-Visit Nurse Station, we may not be able to visit you at your requested time.)


●Expenses to be charged to the patient  
☑Expenses to pay to Home-Visit Nurse Station
Approximately 3,000-4,000 yen per day (covered by medical insurance)
(The cost varies depending on the frequency of visits.)

☑Expenses to be paid to the Kusunoki Ladies Clinic Kitasenju
Approximately 3,000 to 4,000 yen per dayPlease pay at the clinic after the completion of the at-home infusion.

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