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For those who wish to become pregnant

We do not provide artificial insemination or in vitro fertilization. Those who wish to get specialized infertility treatment please consult a specialized infertility clinic.

We are willing to consult with you about your pregnancy considerations. Whether you want to get pregnant now, want to get pregnant some day in the future, or are unsure about the future, we will provide you with a treatment plan and evidence-based information to suit your situation and lifestyle.

"Will this treatment make it harder for me to get pregnant in the future?"
"I want to get pregnant in a few years, but is there anything I can do now?"
"I'm hoping to get pregnant, but I'm having trouble getting pregnant."
"The app predicts my ovulation date, but is the timing right?"
"I want to get pregnant, but I don't know where to start."
"I just want to know if I'm okay with the pregnancy."
"I'm worried that I'm in a hurry and my partner isn't."
"Is it possible to get pregnant at such an advanced age?"

In order to meet these needs, we offer the following services. If you are hoping to become pregnant, we recommend preparations you can make before you become pregnant.

  Treating any current illnesses and adjusting your medications (for both men and women)
  Proper weight control (for both men and women)
  Cervical cancer screening (Pap smear. women)
  Rubella Vaccination (subsidized by local government, municipalities, etc. Both men and women)

 For residents of Adachi-ward, rubella antibody test is free if you bring your ticket. Please check here.
  Folic acid intake (400 micrograms per day. Women only)
  Drinking the right amount of alcohol (both men and women)
  Smoking cessation (for both men and women)
Pre-conception care checklist (from the National Institute for Child Health and Development website

If you are already finding it difficult to get pregnant, we offer the following tests for infertility.
  Transvaginal ultrasound (to check for abnormalities in the uterus and ovaries)
  Chlamydia antibody test (blood test for chlamydia infection)
  Hormone blood test (to check hormone levels during low and high basal body temperature periods)
  Sono-hysterogram (to see under ultrasound  if the water passes through uterus and fallopian tubes)
  We do not offer sperm test. We provide information about clinics where you can get tested.

We offer timing treatment and fertility medication, but if we determine that treatment such as artificial insemination or in vitro fertilization is necessary, we will refer you to a medical facility that can provide more advanced fertility treatment.

If you are already receiving fertility treatment at another fertility clinic and would like a second opinion, we offer referral to a medical facility specialized in infertility treatment.

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